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Lost your Crypto?
Recovery starts here

A small team of crypto experts with more than 5 years of crypto experience leads you on a personalized crypto recovery journey.

Our Approach

On-Chain Analysis for crypto recovery

On-Chain Analysis

Studying blockchain transaction data, potentially linking your wallet to scammer’s off-ramp wallet.

Wallet Monitoring for crypto recovery

Wallet Monitoring

Tracking wallet transactions of scammer in order to find potential target points.

Funds Recovery in Crypto Rescue

Funds Recovery

Flagging target points to respective exchanges and authorities for funds recovery.

How Crypto Recovery works_rescuemycrypto

How Crypto Recovery works

Your journey starts with with a personalised 1-on-1 session led by one of our Crypto experts. They dissect the scam history and work directly with you to devise a targeted action plan for recovery. This tailored approach ensures a focused strategy to reclaim your lost crypto assets.

Analysis and Monitoring Tools for crypto recovery

Analysis and Monitoring Tools

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Common Crypto Scams and crypto recovery

Common Crypto Scams

Scammers deceive through dummy websites, phishing links, worthless tokens, profit guarantee, etc., leading to substantial financial and emotional losses. Research and vigilance are key shields against these risks in the crypto realm.

Let’s work together to rescue your Crypto