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About Us


Our Story

Our entry into the cryptocurrency industry dates back to 2018, driven by a fascination with the rapidly evolving crypto ecosystem. Recognising the persistent challenges of scams, rug-pulls, pump-and-dumps, and drainers within the crypto sphere, we embarked on a dedicated path of self-education. Through continuous learning and experience, we have cultivated a versatile and comprehensive understanding of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

Our journey in crypto asset recovery started in 2021 when a family member was scammed. Utilising blockchain analysis skills, we traced the funds to the scammers’ wallet and successfully recovered our lost assets. This ignited our mission to assist others for the past two years. With expertise, empathy, transparency, and a proven track record, we have become a trusted partner in the world of crypto recovery.

Join us in making the crypto landscape safer and more secure. If you’ve lost cryptocurrency or need assistance, RescueMyCrypto is here for you.

We are driven by values

At RescueMyCrypto, our core values are built on a foundation of in-depth knowledge in the crypto domain, unwavering transparency that includes sharing all possible recovery outcomes, efficient and timely action, continuous updates throughout the recovery process, and a strong commitment to educating you on recognising red flags in crypto scams. We believe in equipping our clients with both the results they seek and the knowledge to safeguard their crypto assets in the future.

We are driven by values_rescuemycrypto

End-to-End Transparency

Unlike others, we ensure constant updates and a thorough overview of possible outcomes throughout your crypto asset recovery journey.

Deep Commitment

Our recent recovery of a family member’s scammed cryptocurrency assets fuels our dedication to helping you with unwavering commitment and resolve.


We uphold the utmost ethical standards in crypto asset recovery, guaranteeing honesty, offering fair prices, and keeping your best interests at all times.